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Leroy Community Chapel Digital Archive


Archives are meant to tell a story

Throughout the entirety of God's Word, we see a continuity of narrative that speaks to God's design in all things.  God made humanity to tell a story, and we see that story in every aspect of the world around us.

Archives are similarly designed to tell a story through the materials they preserve.  Leroy Community Chapel (LCC) desires to preserve the story of our church body through building this digital archive.  It is our hope that the story of our church becomes another piece of the puzzle of God's narrative and exemplifies His work through yet another medium of worship.



Contribute Historical Materials

The Leroy Community Chapel Archive will accept any materials directly related to the history of the church, the missionaries it supports, or the ministries it runs; for the purposes of preserving and presenting these materials for members of the church and the community at large.

The LCC Archive Mission Statement

Want to learn more about LCC as a church body?  Visit our main website!

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